Emily Sanchez - Team Concierge

Emily Sanchez, Realtor Vancouver, Camas, Clark County, WA

(360) 901-4413

The Goff Team of Keller Williams

Meet Emily, the invaluable Team Concierge for The Goff Team. With over 21 years of residence in Southwest Washington, her roots in the community are deep, her knowledge extensive, and her dedication to her team and clients is unparalleled. Emily's background is rich with experience in event planning, customer service, and real estate sales - a combination that makes her ideally equipped to celebrate and care for The Goff Team's clients all year round.

More than just a concierge, Emily is a critical part of the executive management group of the team, where she works in harmony with Melanie and Heather. While she's a licensed Realtor and fully understands the intricate details of the real estate process, Emily finds her joy in supporting the team behind the scenes. Her focus lies in creating an environment of success for the team and their clients, ensuring that every transaction is not only successful but also enjoyable for all involved.

Beyond her professional life, Emily highly values family. She lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband, son, and beloved dog. Emily is also a bit of an adventure enthusiast. She's an avid rock climber, with a rock wall right in her garage! When she's not scaling heights at home, she can often be found biking or simply cherishing quality time with her family.

Emily embodies the values of teamwork, celebration, and client care, fostering a sense of unity and mutual success within The Goff Team. Whether she's planning a birthday celebration for a past client or supporting the team's latest marketing efforts, Emily brings a spirit of joy and dedication to every task. It's this commitment to her team and their clients that make her an essential part of The Goff Team.


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