Heather Shove - Director of Operations

Heather Shove

(360) 566-5567

The Goff Team of Keller Williams

Heather Shove, a proud native of Vancouver, embodies the spirit of organization and coordination as our team's Director of Operations. With over three years of experience in real estate administration coupled with an impressive 12-year tenure in mortgage lending, Heather brings a comprehensive understanding of the real estate transaction process to our team.

Heather’s core responsibilities lie in ensuring that everything in the real estate transactions runs like clockwork. She meticulously ensures contracts reach all concerned parties promptly and are in compliance with their respective terms. Whether it's scheduling photography, arranging virtual tours, coordinating inspections, or supervising necessary repairs, Heather's focus on detail and adherence to timelines makes her an integral part of our team. Her friendly disposition, complemented by her unwavering firmness on client-service issues, makes her a favorite among our clients and partners alike.

Her experience in mortgage lending has equipped her with a profound understanding of the financial aspects of the real estate market. Over the years, she has developed skills in understanding credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, and loan-to-value ratios, and she uses these skills to help ensure smooth transactions. Moreover, her knack for handling complex financial paperwork and navigating through the fine print provides an invaluable asset to our team and clients.

Heather's passion extends beyond her professional life. She is deeply invested in her community and its young individuals. An avid sports enthusiast, she coaches multiple sports including softball, baseball, and cheerleading. This active role in her community allows Heather to leverage her leadership skills, patience, and team spirit, qualities that significantly contribute to her role as our Director of Operations.

As a mother of four busy children, she balances her personal and professional responsibilities with aplomb. Despite her full-time commitment to her work and family, Heather has established her own cheerleading company. Her spare time is devoted to organizing, planning, coaching, and crafting. As a devoted mother, she cherishes the time she spends with her children.

An ardent Disney enthusiast, Heather’s love for imagination and creativity seeps into her professional life, making her adept at coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges that come her way.

In essence, Heather Shove is not just our Director of Operations, but a pivot around which our operations revolve. Her dedication, multifaceted skills, and personal touch make her a vital part of our team and our journey in the world of real estate.